Marcella and Marco’s love and familiarity of Sarees comes through their paternal grandmother; Stella, more widely known as Omai.

During their visits to Mumbai and Goa growing up, it was the only garment they ever saw her wear.

There was a Saree for cooking delicious meals, a Saree to wear to the market, others for night time gossiping in the neighbourhood and yet more lavish ones for church, restaurants and weddings. In each rendition it would be draped and styled to fit her intent.

The “Quinto” editorial and Sari/Statement exhibition at the Wereld Museum in Amsterdam showcases a selection of Omai’s Sarees that were passed down to Marcella.

For Marcella and Marco the Saree epitomises the grace of the every day and the elegance of grand occasions. It blends treasured traditions with contemporary habits and rituals.

For the inaugural “Final Orders, please” collection and Quinto T-Shirt, Marcella and her Aunt in Mumbai have curated a selection of silk and cotton Sarees partly of her own and from Ladies across her neighbourhood.

They loved the idea of their Sarees forming the genesis of reimagined traditions and new stories. This means that each production run is unique and items can only exist once in their form.