Sunday Best-

Sunday Best is a phrase deeply rooted in tradition, referring to the finest attire in one’s wardrobe, often kept aside specifically for Sunday Church Service. For Marcella and Marco, the phrase evokes fond memories of their childhood and a fascination toward reimagining past rituals into present-day contexts. They always loved watching all the women and men in the family get ready for church, family functions, and dinners. The picking and choosing of outfits, the energy of the anticipation building up.

Creative Direction & Styling by Marcella Lobo / Instagram: @

Photography by Jaane Jain / Instagram: @jaanejain
Makeup & Hair by Rosalie Hendriks / Instagram: @rosafelli
Models are Aleeha Zahra / Instagram: @aleeha.z
Giancarlo Kastanja / Instagram: @almighty.koala
Tissan Ahmed / Instagram: @tshawning
Dario Sciascia / Instagram: @dario.sciascia

Production by Marco Lobo / Instagram: @marco__lobo
Styling assistance: Etienne Cootjans / Instagram: @etiennecootjans
and Elly Jin-Li Pan / Instagram: @ellyjinlipan

Studio: Studio Mucha / Instagram: