At LOBOMAR- our passion extends beyond our designs into our methods of production and ways of doing business. We focus on crafting clothing that is not merely visually appealing but stands the test of time, embracing positive environmental and social impact at every stage. 

Just like luxury fashion houses of the past, we want to be ambassadors and supporters of great craft and artisan practices. Art and craft are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a rich cultural link to the past. At LOBOMAR- we want to help maintain these wonderful practices and help cultivate new ones in communities where opportunities have been scarce.


For the production of our main collection, we partnered with an organization in Tamil Nadu, India whose focus is on supporting and enriching the craft of the handweaving textile heritage in the area. They follow a format that returns a significant part of the value it generates back to the artisans via salary, dividend, and market capitalization.

The tradition of handlooming in Tamil Nadu dates back to prehistoric times almost 4,500 years ago. The region's weavers have been known for their ability to produce a wide variety of textiles, from the sheer muslins prized by the Romans to the rich silks sought after by various dynasties and empires across the world. The Tamil poets of the Sangam age, two thousand years ago, compared these textiles to the ethereal elusiveness of smoke and vapor, highlighting their fine quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

When we set out to design the collection, one of the starting points of inspiration for Marcella was the earthy essence of Mumbai police uniforms as a contrast to the draped, wrapped, and twisted motions of the Saree. Together with the artisans we developed a bespoke handwoven supple organic cotton-based fabric over many months that was soft to the touch and airy in feel. The fabric makes use of just natural fibers, and for the dying our partner collaborates with dye houses that strictly adhere to ESG standards and are free from azo compounds.