Marcella & Marco

LOBOMAR- is a label that discusses how identity can be self-composed and should be celebrated in all its nuance, rather than confined to pre-existing cultural labels. It combines the experiences and culture of its sister-brother founders Marcella and Marco’s dual Indian-Italian heritage, and homes in London, Amsterdam and Köln. 

Marcella’s design discipline is rooted in traditional fabrics and wearable biographies. Her contemporary silhouettes oppose Italian suiting and German workwear with the draped motion of preloved Indian Sarees. The outcome is a play on the embodiment of one‘s Sunday Best.

Challenge Categories

People love to believe in boxes and labels. It makes contexts feel safe and accessible. For Marcella and Marco cultural categories and discussions of authenticity always seemed either too vague to be appropriate or too rigid to be acceptable. Throughout their lives they experienced four dominant cultures and each shaped and inspired them in different ways. Any attempts of labeling would often feel misplaced and flat.

Composing Contexts

A personal alternative Marcella and Marco gravitated towards was what they liked to call composing contexts. It was not only the heritage and formative experiences that made up your true self. But also the deliberate act of choosing what authentically represents you to create your own context rather than conforming to societal expectations.

When it comes to LOBOMAR- this means deconstructing past and present traditions to create personal ones. Prominent themes included savory dinners, emblematic family portraits, memory forming films and cherished soundtracks that stick in the mind.