LOBOMAR-'s Debut Collection Reimagines What It Means To Be Multicultural in Homegrown Magazine

Donning our most outrageous outfits, it is a truly gratifying experience to end up at a local hole-in-the-wall eatery to end the wildest of nights. These neon-lit makeshift shops with delectable fares, over the years, have become institutions in their own right and continue to remain largely unchanged. Ask anyone in Mumbai, they’d talk of Bade Miya. If you live in Bangalore, the wildest of parties ends with food from an Empire restaurant.

Whether you are in Rome or Kochi, there will always be one of those late-night eateries that are frequented by those who stand out in their ostentatious outfits, and yet look completely at home there. This place where we end up in the middle of the night,  after a wild night of partying - where the makeup is smeared, the heels are in hand and the extra layers and accessories have come off, and people sink into overlapping conversations - is what inspired the debut collection for the global fashion label Lobomar-.