Final Orders, please

Hours blur, and the night stretches long. 

Where once there were tables and chairs, now there's a neon-lit pilgrimage, a hunger-fueled congregation. 

Storefront grills blaze in defiance of the late hour, drawing in a motley mix. 
Here, inhibitions and pretenses fade.

All that matters is the sizzle, the sauce, the bite, shared in the electric hum of the late-night crowd.

We belong here, overdressed and among those hungry for more than just food.

“As the night deepens, I’m drawn to those remaining beacons of light, the hole-in-the-wall spots unafraid of the late hour. There’s something special there – the laughing energy, the shared hunger, the intimate conversations. It strips away all those daytime pretences. We’re just there, fueled by neon, overdressed, and the promise of something hot and satisfying.“ -Marcella

"Food at the end of a night is more than a meal; it’s belonging. With “Final Orders, Please” we wanted to capture this belonging we’ve always felt in those moments across countries, cities and cultures.” -Marco

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Creative Direction & Styling by Marcella Lobo / Instagram: @marcella_lobo

Photography by Carlo Zambon / Instagram: @carlozambon

Makeup & Hair by Beyana Angelova / Instagram: @beyana.angelova

Models are Sanna / Instagram: @sanna1i

Luca Manget / Instagram: @lucamang

Suj Patel / Instagram: @__suj__

Lighting by Vincent Mercado / Instagram: @vncpm

Production by Marco Lobo / Instagram: @marco__lobo

Styling assistance by Tejaswini Sood / Instagram: @ttejaswinie

Special thanks to: Etienne Cootjans / Instagram: @etiennecootjans